Frequently Asked Questions


Who is  Jason Kaczorowski Photography?

I am an award-winning Chicago wedding photographer with 15 years of experience photographing over 600 weddings in the greatest destinations worldwide since 2005. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been heralded as the “Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago” (CBS News), have been named one of the “Top Wedding Photographers in Chicago” (BrideBox; ZankYou Magazine), received more awards from the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) than any other photographer in the Midwest including the title of “Best Wedding Photography of 2010” and “Best Wedding Photography of 2012”, honored with the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International’s (WPPI) “Accolade of Excellence”, in addition to receiving multiple awards from Fearless Photographers. I’ve consistently received the “Best of Weddings” award by The Knot,  the Wedding Wire “Couple’s Choice Award” year-after-year and am incredibly blessed to have over 100 all 5/5 reviews. In 2020 I was inducted into The Knot’s prestigious “Best of Weddings Hall of Fame”. The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame award recipients represent the top 1% of local wedding vendors in the world – less than 1,000 inductees in 2020 out of more than 250,000 local vendors featured on

Who is  Jason Kaczorowski?

I am a husband, a son, a brother, an animal lover, a world traveler, a music aficionado, an art collector, an entrepreneur, a force of optimism and a beacon of good vibes.

I fell in love with my wife, Debbi, while the two of us were traveling around the country catching concerts & music festivals together. We got engaged at a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City on New Year’s Eve and were married barefoot on a beach in Jamaica at sunset.


While photographing a wedding in 2008 I discovered an abandoned kitten outside of a church in Wisconsin. It was beginning to snow and the church would not allow me to take him inside. He was shivering, alone and afraid. Though I was allergic, I brought him back to my car and later home that night. I named him “Nikon” after my camera and we’ve been inseparable ever since.


Things I love: good vibes, being a big kid at heart, corny jokes, sunny days, traveling
Things I don’t love: vinegar, cotton balls, negativity, cloudy days, sheltering in place
Things you might not believe about me but are 100% true: I have taken over one million photos. I’ve never seen the movie Star Wars. I have seen every episode of Survivor. I published my own magazine in high school. I’ve walked inside the underground tunnels of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and was a Disney Cast Member drawing and airbrushing caricatures while working at both Disney MGM Studios (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and Pleasure Island (Disney Springs). I’ve photographed for the Grateful Dead and my photos appear in their CD, DVDs, Books and Merchandise. I was once Marilyn Manson’s personal press photographer. I’ve photographed for Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, the international street artist and subject of the 2010 documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop which was directed by the anonymous England-based political activist and street artist, Banksy. I can’t stand touching cotton balls (sidonglobophobia… it’s a thing). I have attended over 1,000 concerts and music festivals around the world. I have traveled to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and  photographed sunrise and sunset in Santorini, Greece on my birthday in 2017. In 2021 I visited my 50th state in the United States and checked Hawaii off my bucket list!

Santorini Greece
Celebrating another incredible trip around the sun with a glass of Cristal in Santorini, Greece


Kawela Bay Beach Park on Hawaii’s North Shore 



Welcome… to Jurrasic Park! Kualoa Ranch; Kaneohe, Hawaii


(above/below) Hoapili Trail; Makena, Hawaii



Did you study photography or art?

I received my formal education in photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I graduated with academic honors earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Film with a minor in Art History. I was nationally selected to intern for Walt Disney World in Florida where I developed my incredibly high standards for customer service.

Why Jason Kaczorowski Photography?

Because you are worth it.


How would you describe your style?

I characterize my photography by its rich, vibrant contrast and bold, saturated colors that ooze with emotion and strike with dynamic lighting. I believe the relationships with your family and friends are the most important aspects of your wedding and that is what my team and I will constantly strive to capture.

Will you be the Primary Photographer capturing my wedding?

If you choose, and I am available, I will be the primary photographer capturing your wedding. If I  am previously booked you may opt to trust my associate photographer, Alex, along with one of our incredibly talented second photographers, Madi or Stephanie. I will work hand-in-hand with you as your sole contact and will be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the entire process from your very first consultation until the final delivery of your images, artwork and wedding album.

Do you work with an Assistant Second Photographer?

I always capture every wedding with an assistant second photographer. If you choose to have an Engagement Session captured, you will also have an opportunity to meet your Second Photographer who will act as my Lighting Assistant during your Engagement Session. I invite you to meet our team: Alex, MadiStephanie.

Can I see an entire gallery of photos from start to finish?

Absolutely! I take pride in the consistency of my work. It’s common for photographers to only post their best photos on their websites which can make it hard to determine how well they will perform throughout your entire wedding day. This is why I always encourage anyone considering trusting me as their wedding photographer to review several complete galleries featuring all of my photographs from an actual wedding that I’ve delivered to my clients. I invite you to visit our host platform to enjoy complete galleries of all the recent weddings and engagement sessions I’ve photographed.

Have you shot at my venue before?

I have photographed weddings at hundreds of venues so there is a good chance that either my associate photographer or I have photographed at your wedding venue before. However, if we have not, we will arrive at your wedding venue early on the day of your wedding and perform a thorough walk-through to scout for the best photography locations and lighting. I also perform extensive online research prior to your wedding and consult colleagues who have worked your wedding venue before to gain insight into tips and tricks. If you would value having me attend a walk-through of your venue, I am pleased to offer up time to meet with you and/or your event planner at your ceremony/reception location(s) and perform a thorough assessment of all locations and lighting for a nominal consultation fee. I recommend scheduling your venue visit during the time of day your ceremony/reception will occur in order to accurately gauge equal lighting conditions.

Should we provide you a list of our must-have shots?

30 days before your wedding, you will receive my Update Questionnaire which asks you to remit the names of all of the important members of your family, wedding party and special guests who will play an important role on your wedding day. I’ll also ask for your Must-Have Moments including anything special happening during your preparation (First Look, Father/Daughter First Look), pre-ceremony (Tisch, Talmud, Bedeken, Ketubah), ceremony (Readings, Musicians, Singers, Hand Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, Encircling the Groom, Betrothal, Sheva Brachot Blessing, Roses to Mary, Bagpipes), on-location portraits and reception (Special Introductions, Shabbat Blessing, Cake Cutting, Speeches, Toasts, Krenzi, Mizinke, Horah, Mitzvah Tantz, Birkat Hamazon, Slideshows, Tributes, Bouquet and Garter Toss, Special Dances). Additionally I’ll ask if there are any exceptional circumstances my team and I should be aware of such as any family members who shouldn’t be paired together in portraits. Finally, I’ll ask you to use a checklist I’ve created to mark the most popular portraits of you, your family and your wedding party which you’ll want captured. This traditionally consists of your immediate family, grandparents and wedding party. If there are additional groupings you’d value having captured (extended family members, cousins, out-of-state family or friends, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, work colleagues, teams or social organizations), you may add these groupings to your special requests. It is unnecessary otherwise to provide a list of photos you wish to have captured and it is best to simply enjoy your wedding while trusting that my team and I will capture all the important details, décor and spontaneous moments that occur throughout your entire day.

My wedding reception venue is like a dungeon – but darker. Are you able to photograph in low lighting conditions?

I have photographed in dark chapels along with candlelit wedding reception venues and always know how to create light when I need it. My team and I always travel with additional lighting such as off-camera strobes, flashes, video lights, LED lights and reflectors to ensure our photos are properly lit and always in focus. Certain churches and wedding venues do not allow flash photography which is why we always use only the highest quality professional camera equipment and low aperture lenses which offer outstanding low-light performance thanks to higher ISO. ISO measures the sensitivity of the camera’s image sensor. The same principles applies to film photography – the lower the number, the less sensitive the camera is to light. Higher ISO settings are employed in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds.


Do you offer wedding videography?

My team and I specialize in photography but I am always pleased to recommend other videography professionals who I have personally worked with many times and I consider to be the best in the business:


CUENTOS FILMS | Jonathan Lopez
HIGHWAY 61 FILMS  | Jason Monroe
FOR LOVE FILMS | Jaysin Osterkamp
VANILLA VIDEO | Tom Casselman




Do you deliver every image you capture?

I eliminate test shots, duplicate images, failed focus photos, bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall impact of your delivered gallery. You may trust in my expertise to only deliver the most stunning photos that showcase the very best moments from your day.

Do you correct every image in our delivered Digital Downloads?

Absolutely! Every image is always selected and corrected. Your edited corrections always include fundamental post-processing of global adjustments including adjustments to exposure, levels, color, white balance, contrast, highlights, shadow recovery, clarity, vibrancy, hue, saturation, noise, grain, sharpening, lens correction, cropping, and post-cropping vignetting.

What is Enhanced Image Development?

“Enhanced”, sometimes referred to as “Retouched”, Image Development results in superior corrected photographs which are delivered in books, albums and artwork 11X14 and larger. Enhanced processing may include blemish removal such as moles, pimples, scars, freckles, flakes, sun damage, discoloration and pores, removal of double chins, whitening discolored teeth, adjusting the size or shape of a subject’s face, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks or ears, as well as reshaping of the subject’s figure such as reducing weight on arms or legs, smoothing skin and removing cellulite. Distracting elements such as leaves, trash, fire extinguishers, fixtures, sprinklers, speakers, stands and signage may also be removed and vertical distortion of architecture is significantly reduced.

What are Social Media Highlights?

Social Media Highlights are my favorite photos from your wedding that I select, enhance and post on my social media (Facebook  & Instagram) in addition to my website which you are encouraged to tag yourself in and share.

Do you shoot in Raw or JPEG?

My team and I always capture, back-up and edit from RAW digital image files. You will receive processed JPEG files suitable for printing and creating your own products if you prefer.


What is an Engagement Session?

Your Engagement Session includes the time and talent of Principal Photographer, Jason Kaczorowski, along with the aid of a location lighting assistant. Your session may include multiple locations throughout the City or Suburbs and unlimited outfit changes. Each session arrives with selection and correction of all of your images in addition to your processed, full resolution, unwatermarked, Digital Files. Your photos arrive with the ability to reproduce and share your Digital Files and you may enjoy and download your files from the cloud anywhere in the world within 72 hours of your session.

How much is an Engagement Session?

Sessions Include

• Planning Consultation
• Session Planning Guide
• Location Lighting Assistant
• Selection and Correction

• Full Resolution Digital Files




1 ½ Hours


1 ½ Hours

Option to Add

Additional ½ Hour

Do you offer a discount for Wedding clients?

The rates detailed above are our a la carte investments for our non-wedding clients. We offer a 150 concession for our wedding clients, reducing the cost of their Engagement Session to 450 weekdays and 600 weekends for 90 minutes of coverage along with their Full Resolution Digital Files.

What days and times do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Engagement Sessions are subject to availability and are scheduled Monday-Thursday at Sunrise and 90 minutes before sunset outdoors April 15th – October 15th. Indoor sessions are offered October 16th – April 14th due to climate, location and equipment considerations.

What is the “Golden Hour” and why is it important to achieve?

The “golden hour” is the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is more colorful and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. In the middle of the day, the bright overhead sun can create strong highlights and dark shadows. This harsh lighting problem is particularly important in portrait photography, where a fill flash is often necessary to balance lighting across the subject’s face or body, filling in strong shadows that are considered undesirable. Because the contrast is less during the golden hour, shadows are less dark, and highlights are less likely to be overexposed. The warm color of the low sun is desirable to enhance the colors of the scene. It is the best time of day for capturing Engagement Session photos since the light is properly diffused and warm.

What happens if rain is predicted during my Engagement Session?

We will schedule a session date & time along with a back-up session date & time at the time of your initial scheduling. For the benefit of featuring you in the most flattering conditions, outdoor Engagement Sessions are always rescheduled 24 hours prior to your session due to the threat of precipitation greater than 50%, overcast skies or temperatures below 34 degrees or greater than 86 degrees.

Do you capture Engagement Sessions outside in Winter?

Sunny blue skies, green grass, colorful flowers and changing trees help add pop to your photos and my style relies on the colors of Spring, Summer and Fall.

I’ve found that late Fall and Winter sessions prevent many clients from feeling and looking their best. Wearing multiple layers adds weight to your body and cold temps are sure to make your skin look pale or red.

Operating equipment in the cold can be difficult as well. Batteries tend to deplete faster and it’s often challenging to change lenses and focus wearing gloves.

For these reasons I recommend we capture indoor sessions October 16th – April 14th due to climate, location and equipment considerations.

When should we schedule our Engagement Session?

I recommend scheduling your session 3-9 months before your wedding. This allows time to create Save The Dates, Invitations, a reception Sign-In Book or Artwork to display in your home.

When and Where do you recommend capturing our Engagement Session in Chicago?

I recommend beginning your Engagement Session at Sunrise along Lake Michigan with the spectacular Chicago Skyline in the background of your portraits. I propose sunrise because of the incredible golden morning sunlight, the ease of driving and also parking at various locations throughout the city, the lack of pedestrians in the background of your portraits and the milder temperatures. Centrally located North Avenue Beach, Montrose Avenue Beach in the North and Promontory Point on Chicago’s South Side are all great settings to begin your session. From these starting points you may consider visiting locations in Lincoln Park such as the Lincoln Park Zoo’s popular South Pond Nature Boardwalk with its landmark “Honeycomb” structure (known as the People’s Gas Education Pavilion) which faces south and predominately showcases the John Hancock building and Chicago skyline through its arch.

Another popular location for engagement portraits in Chicago is Millennium Park. The 24.5 acre park on the northwest corner of Grant Park is bounded by Michigan Avenue, Randolph Street, Columbus Drive and Monroe Drive. The park features stunning skyline views, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion designed by architect Frank Gehry, artist Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture (also nicknamed “The Bean” by many), the Lurie Garden, the BP Pedestrian Bridge, along with the Crown Fountain. These locations are also near the Gardens at the Art Institute of Chicago, the iconic Board of Trade and Chicago’s famous elevated trains (often referred to as the “L trains” or “EL trains”). Please note that the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) does not permit photography aboard trains or in stations.

If you’re considering capturing your Engagement Session in Chicago in the Winter months, you may opt for an indoor location for your Engagement photos. Antique shops and vintage furniture stores such as Salvage One and Architectural Artifacts rent their sites by the hour and offer a variety of locations throughout their multi-story indoor industrial settings.

For more of the Best Engagement Session location inspiration in Chicago I invite you to visit my list of the Best Chicago Engagement Session Locations.

When and Where do you recommend capturing our Engagement Session in the Chicago Suburbs?

Several of the best engagement session locations in the Chicago suburbs are located in the Western and Northwestern Suburbs. I prefer this area and love capturing portraits in forest preserves, farms and fields during sunset. Naperville offers a serene River Walk with wooden covered bridges and paths that follow the stream down tree-covered walkways while downtown Naperville features murals, hidden alleyways, sculptures and fountains. Lisle is home to the Morton Arboretum with over 1,700 acres of trees, gardens, tallgrass prairies and ponds. Note: the Morton Arboretum does require a photography permit which must be obtained at least 3 days prior to your session.  You may also consider Cantigny Park in Wheaton for your Engagement Session which features ponds, formal gardens, rose gardens, arbors, gazebos, reflecting pools, fountains and a Tank Park. Cantigny Park offers a more affordable photography permit for only $35.00 which may be obtained at the front entrance on the day of our visit.

Other popular spots include the St. James Farm Forest Preserve in Warrenville (operated by the District of DuPage County) and the Danada Equestrian Center. The 612 acre St. James Farm Forest Preserve is also an excellent location for engagement photos and features over 100 acres of woodlands, prairies and wetlands and is home to 300 native species and wildlife. Many DuPage County Forest Preserves including St. James Farm and the Danada Equestrian Center requires a daily photography permit ($45.00).

For more of the Best Engagement Session location inspiration in Chicago I invite you to visit my list of the Best Chicago Suburbs Engagement Session Locations.

Do I need a permit for my session location(s) and if so, where do I purchase one?

As of July 1, 2019, The Chicago Park District – which includes Buckingham FountainGrant ParkMillennium ParkLurie Garden – have begun requiring professional photographers photographing commercial photography (for-profit photography which includes weddings, engagement sessions and family portrait sessions) to purchase a photography permit.

In fact, many of the most popular locations throughout Chicago and the Chicago suburbs are also now requiring photography permits including the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Garfield Park Conservatory, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Zoo South Pond Nature Boardwalk (the “honeycomb”).

I invite you to explore this article I’ve written which will help you navigate Which locations in Chicago and Suburbs Require a Permit to Photograph your Wedding and Engagement Photos.

What do you recommend I wear to my Engagement Session?

Rule #1 of what to wear and what not to wear for your Engagement Session: Don’t try to look too matchy-matchy. Stick to your style but perhaps plan to kick it up a notch. I suggest buying new outfits for your engagement session – you’ll look and feel confident in your new clothes! If you like color, try something bold. Be warned however that bright colors draw instant attention to whoever is wearing them. Wear seasonally-appropriate clothing. Spring and Summer are great for bright colors but Fall and Winter work better in earth tones. Avoid anything with logos or visible tags. Colors should blend harmoniously among subjects. Patterns will date clothing much more quickly in terms of fashions changing. Multiple layers and light colors will add weight whereas dark colors subtract weight and work best for black and white portraits. Darker colors blend seamlessly into the background placing greater emphasis on the subjects. Earth tones and light colored clothes add a more casual feel. Remember to leave accessories and props at home along with your purse, phone and any other objects that might add bulk to your pockets or distract you from being in the moment. Regarding jewelry, keep it simple and avoid anything shiny or reflective. Avoid running shoes, white socks, and heavy footwear. Consider fashionable boots, sandals or bare feet for casual photos.

Can we change into multiple outfits throughout our session?

Absolutely! Many couples change outfits during their session.

Depending on the time of day and location of your session, it’s not uncommon that restrooms may be closed (especially in consideration of COVID-19 restrictions). This may mean changing behind a bush, in your car or even with your fiancé and I surrounding you while holding up a sheet.

You may value dressing in layers as we’ll likely be starting at sunrise when the temperatures can often be a little more chilly than later in the morning. As the sun heats up you can peel those layers off or swing a jacket over a shoulder.

Can I bring my pet to my Engagement Session?

I love pets! If you’d like to bring your furry friend to your Engagement Session I’m always happy to devote a quarter of your session (up to 15 minutes) capturing photos of your other best friend. I request that you bring a pet-sitter to your session who will take your pup for a walk after we’re finished so they don’t become the emphasis of your session or distract us from capturing photos of just the two of you.

Can I bring props (a chalkboard, cutout letters, balloons, sparklers, an old suitcase, an antique bicycle, a giant birthday cake to jump out of) that I’ve seen in other photographers’ photos to my Engagement Session?

Fads come and go. You will want to enjoy your photos for years to come and have them stand out as timeless as the day they were captured. Don’t let gimmicks date your photos and make you feel embarrassed when your kids see them.

Can I send you photos I want to recreate that I saw another photographer capture?

Let’s create unique portraits that will inspire others together! I’m dying to capture images that speak to your unique personalities and why you fell in love with one another. If we’re attempting to recreate other photographers’ work you will constantly be comparing yourself to others. You deserve better than to be compared to others. Your relationship is unique! Let’s show the world that together!

I am uncomfortable in front of the camera. Will I enjoy having my Engagement Session photos captured?

Practically every couple I’ve ever photographed has said they were nervous or felt awkward being photographed before we began photographing their engagement session. It’s totally natural. I even feel awkward standing on the other side of the camera! All of my couples however tell me at the end of their session how much fun they had and often say they can’t believe their session is over already.

I don’t want to feel like I’m posing during my engagement session. Can we create portraits that don’t feel too posed?

The emphasis of your session is on your unique relationship. Though I will gently coach you to create subtle poses, it’s the moments of recoil from those poses – your natural, spontaneous laughter – that I really want to capture! I will minimally instruct you to look at the camera for portraits because I value the opportunity to capture your natural moments of spontaneous interaction which is why the majority of your session will be captured from a distance giving you space to breathe and feel relaxed.

How many photos do you typically deliver from an engagement session?

I often deliver 50 photos +/-  per hour depending on the number of locations we visit, the number of outfits you bring and the complexity of the lighting needed to create your portraits.

When and where can we view and download our engagement pictures?

Highlights from your Engagement Session will be posted on my website and social media often within 48 hours of your session. Your entire Engagement Session is always guaranteed to be processed and delivered within 72 hours. You will receive a link to an online gallery where you can view and download your Digital Files to your computer immediately.


How many hours do you suggest we set aside for our wedding photos?

With the diversity of various cultural aspects of every wedding and the variance in each wedding’s unique timeline, wedding party size, number of requested family portraits and differing level of details and decor to capture, it’s impossible to replicate a precise timeline template for every wedding. Many weddings often run slightly behind schedule so allocating an adequate amount of time for each moment will make your wedding day feel more relaxed and take the stress out of your wedding planning. Here is a list of my suggestions based on the various activities scheduled throughout your day. These will naturally vary based on the size of your wedding party, number of guests in attendance, the willingness and timeliness of portraits subjects and substance of details and decor to capture throughout your day.

Detail Photos

15-30 Minutes
Dress, Shoes, Purse, Flowers, Rings, Invitation and more all require time and talent to artistically capture. Allocating 15-30 minutes will ensure time to capture the perfect photos of all of your details. Tip: Making sure these items are all gathered in a tidy area of the room will help save your photographers effort time so we may devote more time to capturing photos of you.

Preparation Photos

15-30 Minutes
I recommend 15-30 minutes of time to capture your last moments of hair and makeup as well as candid preparation of your wedding party getting ready. These photos often equate to some of the most emotional moments from your day.

Bridesmaids Photos

5-15 Minutes
Do you want a photo of you and your Bridemaids in your matching robes drinking champagne and having fun before you jump in your dress? If so I recommend setting aside a few extra minutes to gather the girls, pour the perfect glasses of bubbly or discover the best spot to capture that shot.

Getting Dressed

15 Minutes
How long it may take to get in your dress is dependent on how elaborate the buttons on your dress may be. I have seen some clients take a few minutes while others have spent over an hour. I’ll often wait just outside the room where the bride is getting dressed and step back in once I get an OK from the maid of honor that it’s time to button up the back of the bride’s dress. It’s also always important to provide a few minutes during this time to capture  in natural window light before leaving her preparation location.

First Look

5-15 Minutes
I recommend a minimum of 5-15 minutes to orchestrate and capture not only the First Look but also a few portraits following of the couple after they’ve embraced for the first time. While the First Look itself may only require a few minutes to coordinate and capture, leaving time for variables such as waiting for pedestrians to pass if we’re capturing your First Look in a public location will make a significant difference in the memories of that moment.

Wedding Party Portraits

45-120 Minutes
Depending on the size of your Wedding Party, the number of locations we may visit and the style of portraits we will capture (natural lighting VS editorial-style portraiture), providing a minimum of 45 minutes up to 120 minutes  on location to capture a variety of poses with each member of your wedding party individually, along with an assortment of grouped portraits, is essential. I often begin with classic poses focused on great expressions and proper lighting and move into creative poses and experimental group shots. Tip: If you’re planning on visiting multiple locations throughout Chicago, depending on the number of locations, the distance you may need to walk from the drop-off point of your transportation and the amount of traffic which may be dependent on other events happening in town on that date and time, 60-120 minutes is an average amount of time needed to capture an average wedding party of 10 at 2-3 locations in a variety of classic and artistic poses.

Immediate Family Prior to your Ceremony

15-30 Minutes
It is absolutely critical to have portraits captured with your parents, grandparents and siblings on your wedding day. I recommend allotting 30 minutes from the moment we begin setting up our lighting until the time required to pack these lights away and move to the next activity or location to capture your immediate family portraits. I recommend 2 minutes per grouping so for example, if you have 10 groupings, I suggest a minimum of 20 minutes plus 5 minutes to prepare, and 5 minutes to pack, our lighting equipment.

Ceremony Details and Décor

15 Minutes
Dedicating just 15 minutes to capture your ceremony location or church with no guests or vendors at the location or in these photos is strongly recommended. Often my associate photographer can capture these moments as we are photographing your Immediate Family Portraits prior to your ceremony.

Formal Portraits

30 Minutes
Following your ceremony we will dedicate time to capture both the bride and groom together with each new family. This is also a great time to gather grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and relatives for portraits. Please plan on 2-3 minutes per photo for larger groups. Tip: Being organized and assigning a specific member of the family to assist with helping round up people and call names will relieve the stress and burden you may feel standing at the altar waiting for guests to hurry up.

Newlyweds Portraits

30 Minutes
In terms of lighting, ideally the best time to capture portraits outdoors is 30 minutes prior to sunset. Often this might mean couples may not have an opportunity to enjoy their cocktail hour mingling with their guests. If you value enjoying cocktail hour with your guests I recommend adding additional time to your pre-ceremony portraits following your First Look.

Reception Details and Décor

15-30 Minutes
Reception venues are often dimly lit and typically feature a flurry of vendor activity such as chairs being arranged, waiters filling glasses, the band tuning up, guests wandering with their place cards in hand grabbing hors d’oeuvres, putting their belongings on their chairs and gathering around your cake to snap a few photos on their cellphones that you’ll never see. This is why I recommend providing 15-30 minutes of dedicated coverage to capture the details and décor of your reception venue prior to your guests’ entrance. This will provide ample time to achieve lighting that complements your décor while also allowing us to test our lights which will be aimed at your wedding party introductions.

Table Shots

“Table Shots” are when the newlyweds visit their guests at each table throughout the dinner portion of their reception and have portraits captured of each grouping of guests at each table. If you value photos captured at each table with guests, keep in mind that these often require 3-5 minutes per table. What this means in terms of your timeline is if you spend just 1 minute chatting with each guest during dinner, and you have invited 120 guests to your wedding, you may spend 2 hours of time visiting tables. Keep in mind too that a blessing, toasts, your cake cutting and often a Thank You speech also occur during this time also. Additionally, centerpieces on tables often restrict visibility across tables which then require guests to stand up and move to another location. Finally, though I know you want to be a good host, asking guests to capture professional portraits with half-eaten food in front of them isn’t flattering and can often make your guests feel uncomfortable. For these reasons I don’t advocate capturing Table Shots at your reception but am always pleased to capture these portraits if you value the opportunity to visit tables with my assistant photographer and I.

Dancing, Garter/Bouquet Toss, Night Portrait, The Getaway

45-120 Minutes
From the moment you step onto the dance floor for your First Dance until the time my team and I conclude our coverage, we will want to dedicate ample time to capture a variety of both slow dancing and exuberant dancing from your guests to reflect the energy in the room. A great way to cap off an incredible day is to create one final portrait outside your reception venue in the dark. Depending on if you want to keep the party going or value the opportunity to capture one final, tremendous portrait outdoors at night, make sure you dedicate enough time throughout your reception to allow my team and I to capture everyone – including those wall flowers who tend to gather in conversations around tables and never make their way to the dance floor. Finally, if you’re planning a special getaway in a classic car or down an aisle of your guests holding sparklers, make sure to alert my team and I in order to allow ample time to create lighting that complements and captures the excitement.

How many photos do you typically deliver from a wedding?

This is often a difficult question to answer as the quantity of photos my team and I capture is often indicative of many different factors including the magnitude of locations we’ll visit, the lavishness of your details and décor seen throughout your day and how much emphasis you place on documenting these, the amount of activities to capture throughout your timeline and ultimately, the size of your wedding including the number of your guests and wedding party. As a general idea, two photographers may deliver 75-125 photos per hour.

When will we receive our online gallery of photos?

Your entire wedding gallery is always guaranteed to be delivered within 90 days of your wedding though is often processed and delivered closer to 14-30 days following your wedding based on seasonality and shooting schedule. You will receive a link to an online gallery where you, your family and friends can view and order your photos as soon as your entire gallery has been processed. You will receive a dedicated gallery of highlights featured both on my website and social media which you may share immediately.

When will we receive our Digital File downloads?

Your non-watermarked, Full Resolution Digital Image Files are delivered upon commencement of your online gallery . You will receive instructions on how to download your non-watermarked, Full Resolution Digital Image Files once your online gallery has launched.

Can I send you photos I want to recreate that I saw another photographer capture?

I strive to create unique portraits that inspire others. Attempting to recreate other photographers’ portraits will leave you comparing yourself to other couples and we want to capture images that speak to your unique personalities and why you fell in love with one another.


What are Non-watermarked, Full Resolution, Digital Image Files?

Your processed, non-watermarked, Full Resolution Digital Image Files represent the selection of corrected (.JPEG) image files captured during your engagement session or wedding and are delivered upon commencement of your Online Gallery.

What rights do I have to my Digital Files?

Your Digital Image Files arrive with a license to print and display these images for your personal, non-commercial enjoyment. You are permitted to print images whenever and wherever you would like.

You may not sell or publish your images.

May I share photos on Social Media?

Absolutely! We love sharing your images on Social Media so much so that you will receive a gallery of highlights featuring my favorite photos from your wedding that I select, enhance and post on my social media (Facebook  & Instagram) in addition to my website which you are encouraged to tag and share.

If you wish to share your favorites, I kindly ask that you like / follow and tag Jason Kaczorowski Photography when sharing your photos on Social Media.

@jasonkaczorowskiphotography | Facebook
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What is an Online Gallery?

Coverage includes an online gallery featuring all the selected and corrected images from your engagement session and wedding. Your online gallery serves as a convenient way for you to view your photographs anywhere, anytime and on any device. As an additional benefit, your online gallery allows you to share your images with family and friends after your event. In addition to enjoying your images, guests may also choose to purchase prints, products and even digital files immediately from your online gallery. Prints and products are available at a nominal fee and feature the highest quality professional lab printing.

What is included in Selection and Correction of my Images?

Selected images reflect the best quality and most significant moments from your wedding. Correction includes fundamental processing and global adjustments including adjustments to exposure, levels, color, white balance, contrast, highlights and shadow recovery, clarity, vibrancy, hue, saturation, lens correction, noise, grain, sharpening, cropping and post-cropping vignetting.

How many images do you deliver in an average engagement session and wedding?

This is often a difficult question to answer as the quantity of photos my team and I capture is often indicative of many different factors including the magnitude of locations we’ll visit, the lavishness of your details and décor seen throughout your day and how much emphasis you place on documenting these, the amount of activities to capture throughout your timeline and ultimately, the size your wedding including the number of your guests and wedding party. As a general rule, one photographer may deliver 45-75 photos per hour and two photographers may deliver 75-125 photos per hour.

What happens if I lose my Digital Files?

Once your Digital Files have been delivered, all responsibility in maintaining your files belongs to you. Having captured weddings digitally for more than a decade, I recommend certain precautions be taken when storing Digital Files to protect against faulty devices and drive failures. I’ve found that following a few simple tips can give you lots of added protection for very little time or additional money invested. First, backup your images on a separate drive. This could be a thumb drive or an external hard drive, but we recommend choosing a size appropriate for these files as you’ll want to reduce the risk of a drive crashing by limiting the amount of times the drive is accessed. In other words, don’t store your photos on your laptop where you play games, browse the internet and store documents on a daily basis. For even more security, we highly recommend choosing offsite storage for your files. You can do this with a physical drive in a safe or lock box but most people these days will find storing these files in the Cloud to be the most beneficial. Second, test your data and backup frequently. I recommend testing your data and back-up each year on your wedding anniversary.


What is a Book?

Your 12×8 horizontal or 10×10 square Book arrives with a collection of 50 of the most commanding images chosen by you or your family then distinctly designed to weave the story of your wedding. Each photo is richly retouched before arriving printed on silver halide lustre stock and bound in your choice of leather alternative cover. Additional images may always be added for a nominal additional cost.

What is an Engagement Sign-In Book?

Your 12×8 horizontal or 10×10 square Engagement Sign-in Book arrives with a collection of up to 15 of the most commanding images chosen by you which are distinctly designed to allow guests ample space to autograph your Book during your wedding reception. Each photo is richly retouched before being bound in your choice of cover material. Additional images may always be added for a nominal additional cost.

What is a Wedding Album?

Your 12×8 horizontal or 10×10 square Wedding Album is a collaborative creation between you and I, developed and designed together to include your favorite moments from your wedding day. Each photo receives individual enhanced image development. You will select 50 of your favorite images and receive a private gallery to review and revise your design prior to production. Your album features a robust construction offering increased durability and longevity, thick substrate core pages which decreases warping due to humidity changes, a true lay-flat design, UV Coated silver halide lustre stock which protects against fingerprints, moisture, humidity changes and damaging UV rays. Additional images may always be added for a nominal additional cost.

What is an Artisan Album?

Your 14×11 or 14×14 horizontal Fine Art Wedding Album designed exclusively by your principal photographer, Jason Kaczorowski. Each photo receives individual enhanced image development. Your Artisan Album features a robust construction offering increased durability and longevity, a true lay-flat design along with premium Hahnemühle fine art sustainable rag stock.

How long does it take to receive my book/album?

Your initial design requires 5-10 business days to create. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review your initial design and make any comments regarding suggested additions or revisions, we will schedule time to meet in person to choose your style and cover. Here I will collect your balance and your book or album will move immediately into production. Books and Albums often require 4-6 weeks in physical production and transit.

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Do you have insurance and can you provide a COI to my venue?

Absolutely! Jason Kaczorowski Photography carries over two million dollars of liability insurance and are always pleased to provide a Certificate of Insurance to you or your venue.

Do you back up our images after our wedding?

I provide the highest security for your wedding photos. Your Digital Files are always captured in lossless RAW format using cameras which employ two memory card slots so in case one of our cards fails during a wedding, we always have a back-up card of your data. As soon as I return from your wedding, I immediate back-up your files to two external hard drives in addition to creating a catalog of your full resolution images in Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud. Finally, once your RAW image files have been processed and exported as JPEG files, they are uploaded to the Cloud.

Do you have back-up equipment in case your equipment fails or is stolen?

Both my team and I always carry two cameras, multiple lenses and multiple forms of lighting in case any of our equipment was to ever fail or become stolen at a wedding.

How long have you been in business?

I have been photographing professionally for over two decades. My first paid job photographing was on October 1, 1995. I captured my first wedding in 2005 and began doing business as Jason Kaczorowski Photography in 2007. I incorporated my business in 2009 to Jason Kaczorowski Events Incorporated in the state of Illinois and made wedding photography my full-time career. I’ve since captured over 600 weddings and shot hundreds of thousands of photos in the greatest destinations throughout the world.

Can you provide any references?

I am always pleased to provide professional references and references from previous clients upon request. I also invite you to read my clients hand-written testimonials and see my reviews on WeddingWire, TheKnot, Google and Yelp.

Do you have any online reviews?

I am incredibly blessed to have received incredible reviews on WeddingWire, TheKnot, Google and Yelp.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?

I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and Fearless Photographers.

Have you ever won any awards for your wedding photography?

My wedding photography has received numerous awards throughout my career. I’ve become the most awarded wedding photographer in Illinois on the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) with 15 awards and have been heralded as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in Chicago by several industry-leading publications and websites. Here’s a list of various of the awards I’ve been fortunate to achieve:

• Best Wedding Photography of 2010 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2010
• 1st PLACE | ALL ABOUT LIGHT | Fall 2010 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2011
• 3rd PLACE | FRAMING THE SUBJECT | Spring 2011 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 1st PLACE | LONG EXPOSURE | Summer 2011 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2012
• The Knot – Best of Weddings 2012
• 1st PLACE | REFLECTION | Spring 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 1st PLACE | WEDDING DETAILS | Fall 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 6th PLACE | WEDDING DRESS | Fall 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 7th PLACE | DECISIVE MOMENT | Winter 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 15th PLACE | FAMILY LOVE | Winter 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• Best Wedding Photography of 2012 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• Rangefinder Magazine – People’s Choice Award “Seeing the Light” 2012
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2013
• Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago (CBS News) 2013
• WPPI 16×20 Print Competition Wedding Photojournalism Accolade of Excellence Award 2013
• 18th PLACE | FAMILY LOVE | Spring 2013 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• Fearless Photographers April 2013
• Fearless Photographers October 2013
• 19th PLACE | CEREMONY | Winter 2013 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 17th PLACE | FIRST DANCE | Winter 2013 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 18th PLACE | BRIDE AND GROOM PORTRAIT | Winter 2013 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 9th PLACE | PURE ART | Winter 2013 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2014
• Fearless Photographers February 2014
• Top Wedding Photographers in Chicago 2015 – BrideBox
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2017
• 19th PLACE | FRAMING THE SUBJECT | Winter 2017 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• 17th PLACE | Humor | Spring 2017 – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
• The Knot – Best of Weddings 2018
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2018
• The Knot – Best of Weddings 2019
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2019
• The Knot – Best of Weddings 2020
• WeddingWire – Couples’ Choice Award 2020
• The Knot – Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

Has your wedding photography ever been published in books or magazines?

My photographs have been published on the covers of books, in magazines, on CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray box sets and across the internet on many of the most popular wedding websites in the world. Here’s a list of some places my work has been recently published:

• CS Brides
• Modern Luxury
• Chicago Wedding Guide
• Martha Stewart Weddings
• Style Me Pretty
• The Knot
• Wedding Wire
• Style Unveiled
• Elizabeth Ann Designs
• Wedding Channel
• Project Wedding
• Rock N’ Roll Bride
• One Wed
• Occasions Magazine
• Rolling Stone Magazine
• Billboard Magazine
• Spin Magazine
• Relix Magazine
• The Chicago Tribune
• The New York Post
• The Hampton Daily Press
• The Miami Herald
• The Los Angeles Times
• The San Francisco Examiner
• The Huffington Post
• Rhino Records
• Entertainment Weekly
• The Travel Channel
• Workman Publishing
• Algonquin Books


How much is  Jason Kaczorowski Photography?

I work with many budgets and create solutions to provide coverage that’s important to you.

My commissions range based on the scope and specification of your event and are offered from 2,700.

Our most popular Collection includes:

We also offer coverage which may be commissioned hourly.

Engagement sessions, books, album or artwork may always be added à la carte.

I invite you to phone 312.671.7678, complete my contact form or email me directly at and I will be pleased to schedule an appointment either by phone, video conference or in-studio to explore all available options and help tailor a collection that fits your vibe.

Do you offer partial day coverage?

Monday through Thursday micro-weddings and elopements may be commissioned with a minimum of 3 hours of coverage.

Will I be charged for downtime, travel time or times when our guests are eating?

My team and I never truly rest during your wedding day which is why our coverage is offered continuously from our first shutter acquisition until our last. We are constantly searching for and preparing to capture the next spontaneous moment, traveling to locations and capturing photos along the way, photographing detail and décor at your church or reception venue and frequently reviewing your must-have moments and preparing our lighting throughout your reception venue to capture your next exciting action.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Not every wedding always goes according to plan. That’s why we understand that some clients may want to add additional coverage at the end of their wedding day. We will always ask you at the end of your contracted coverage if you would value receiving additional coverage before we prepare to leave. If you would value more time, you may always add additional hourly coverage per 15 minute increments and will be invoiced following your wedding. Once your additional overtime fee has been received I will begin processing your images promptly.

What is the deposit required to secure our wedding day?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer once you sign your contract to secure your wedding date. Your remaining 50% is due 2 weeks before your wedding.

How far in advance do we need to secure your services?

I often reserve dates 6-18 months in advance but always invite you to contact me to check my availability. If I am unavailable for your date I will gladly recommend other talented wedding photographers with whom I would trust my own wedding.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check, money order, Venmo, PayPal and Credit Cards. Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% convenience processing fee.

Are taxes included?

Your investments always include applicable taxes built into the price of all services.

Do you travel for weddings and portrait sessions?

My team and I capture weddings in the finest destinations worldwide. We are available for Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota) events with applicable mileage fees 90 miles beyond our studio. Domestic and International travel affords airfare, ground transportation and lodging in addition to location fees and/or resort surcharges. Though we are a Chicago wedding photography studio based in Illinois, we have captured weddings in California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, throughout the Caribbean, in addition to other international destinations.

What are your Travel Expenses?

Domestic Transportation beyond 90 miles of 60056 is billed at a rate of $0.50 per mile, per photographer. Destination Weddings are considered events occurring more than 300 roundtrip miles from 60056. An airfare per diem is provided for Destination Weddings at a rate of $300.00 per photographer which includes airfare and extra baggage fees for our equipment. A lodging and ground transportation per diem of $300.00 per night is provided in the lower 48 US States and $400.00 beyond. Each wedding requires a minimum of a two night stay to ensure we arrive the day prior to your wedding and stay for the entirety of your wedding day and night. As an example, a wedding occurring in Miami, Florida requires 2 airfare per diems ($300.00/pp = $600.00) in addition to 2 lodging and ground transportation per diems of $300.00 per night (2 night minimum) for a total of $1,200.00 travel expenses. We provide 3 hours of complimentary coverage applicable to rehearsal and/or a day-after session to offset the cost of travel expenses (an 1,800.00 value).

How do I reserve my wedding date?

A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your wedding date. Your remaining balance of 50% is due two (2) weeks prior to your wedding.

If we cancel our wedding will we receive our retainer fee back?

Your retainer is made in consideration to the time, the experience, the reputation and the skill of Jason Kaczorowski along with our inability to schedule other clients during this time. As such, your retainer is non-refundable as it is used to reserve your wedding date. Once we reserve your date, we decline other prospective clients interested in booking your date.


No matter who you are and how you identify, Jason Kaczorowski Photography is committed to your inclusion.

We will listen to, and support, you and yours.


Jason Kaczorowski Photography is committed to ensuring the healthy and safety of you and your loved ones at your wedding.

• Our team will wear protective masks throughout your wedding. Because of the nature of COVID-19, we want to protect you and your guests on the off chance that I or a member of my team could be carrying the virus while asymptomatic at your event.

• We will sanitizing our equipment throughout the day, as well as taking frequent breaks to wash our hands in between your timeline of events.

• Provided dancing is permitted (based on current state and local mandates), we will be photographing from the perimeter of your dance floor, utilizing a longer focal length to compensate, in order to keep a safe distance from your guests.

• If I or a member of my team becomes ill and/or we are forced to quarantine ourselves, I will allocate an equally amazing photographer to capture your day during any unexpected absence. Jason Kaczorowski Photography is fortunate to have multiple incredibly talented, healthy photographers (Alex, Madi, Stephanie) should the need arise to quarantine oneself from your event.

CLICK HERE to discover more ways we are working with clients to host safe and healthy weddings during Covid-19.


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