Meet Jason

Primary Photographer

I began photographing professionally in 1995, received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago and have captured over 600 weddings across the world since 2005.

I’m an artistic memory purveyor who believes that memories are our most treasured possessions. Beyond photography, I am a husband, a son, a brother, an animal lover, a world traveler, a music aficionado, an art collector, an entrepreneur, a force of optimism and a beacon of good vibes.

I like being a part of the wedding like an old friend with a fancy camera. I’m a soothing presence, the fan on a hot day and my needle is never moving from ‘this is the best day ever”.

Some of my favorite clients have been teachers. My father was a teacher and I’ve always believed that it is a noble profession.  I believe in kindness. I love surprises but can’t keep them a secret. I focus on quality or quantity and value experiences over material possessions.

Weddings are about relationships and when those friendships and family ties all come together for one fleeting moment in time, there’s nothing more powerful I could ever deliver to you than photos of those you love and who love you the most. Will we capture epic photos that are going to break the internet the moment the world sees them? You can bet your ass we will!

I invite you to discover more about me, my style and my service in my Frequently Asked Questions section.

Please contact me to schedule a consultation by phone, video conferencing or in my studio so we can can explore your wedding and tailor coverage that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

It would be my honor to be trusted with the privilege of photographing your wedding.

Jason Kaczorowski