Of all the thank you cards to write, we have you to thank the most. Thank you for joining us for our wedding day & helping make such a special day more special. Jason, you truly were a composer. You lead us down a path unknown to us & created a sense of comfort & calm the entire time. Your presence was a gift. There are few people who could play the critical role that you did – thank you. Thank you for organizing the other photographers to be sure our day was properly achieved. They were wonderful too! And, of course, thank you for the amazing photos! They are breathtaking pieces of art that will be cherished our entire lives, and hopefully for many generations to come. You have a gift & it means the world to use that you chose to share it with us. Thank you, endlessly.

Jewel & Fred
June 12, 2012

Fred & Jewel Saturday, June 9, 2012 Red Circle Inn Nashotah, Wisconsin

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