⦁  It starts with the space your getting ready in: When choosing a suite, look for one that is spacious and well-lit. 

⦁  Have your wedding party arrange their belongings in a condensed area of the room. This helps avoid unwanted items in the background of your photos and allows my team and I to capture more genuine, photojournalistic preparation moments without needing to rearrange these belongings.

⦁  Remove all tags from your clothing and jewelry, along with stickers from your shoes. Have your rings professionally cleaned to add extra sparkle to your detail shots.

⦁  Arrange details (dress, veil, purse, shoes, jewelry, perfume, floral, gift for your spouse) so these can be captured quickly to allow more time for capturing candid moments.

⦁  Consider a non-plastic hanger and a removable command hook for your dress photos if your suite lacks a location to safely hang your dress. 

⦁  Bring a clean invitation complete with envelope and other stationary to photograph.

⦁  Don’t rush perfection: Add a few more minutes to the time your hair and make-up artists initially estimates finishing. 

⦁  Do not wear a bra that will leave marks on your skin while getting ready. Take it off at least 15 minutes prior to jumping in your dress.

⦁  Avoid tan lines. Wear strapless if you are heading to the beach or tanning salon before your wedding.

⦁  If you’re considering a “Robe Shot” with your ladies, enjoy the emotion of the moment by providing time in your schedule to sip some bubbly and share a genuine laugh before jumping in your dress.

⦁  Pack an Emergency Kit: stain removal pen, small scissors, mini sewing kit, travel-sized hairspray, safety pins, bobby pins, Q-tips, band aids, blister cushions, deodorant, makeup remover and aspirin.

⦁  Inform family members that they will be in group portraits and have them remain nearby following the ceremony.

⦁  Don’t get dehydrated or hangry: Pack some bottled waters & snacks.

⦁  When walking down the aisle, carry your bouquet around your bellybutton. Don’t block your face or the details of the dress by raising your flowers too high.

⦁  Practice walking in your shoes and have flip flops ready for the dance floor.

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