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Imagine the surprise of seeing photos from your wedding proposal delivered in an album – within hours of your fiancé exclaim YES!

New for 2020, Jason Kaczorowski Photography is incredibly excited to unveil our most jaw-dropping album ever – the PlayBook!

The PlayBook offers the opportunity to receive a same-day slideshow featuring stunning portraits along with the most impactful moments captured from your proposal so you can enjoy your photos immediately and share highlights right away with your family and friends!

Simply open the cover and a video slideshow automatically plays with audio! Cue the waterworks from your loved ones. The PlayBook is packed with features including a 7″ screen, video/auto-play on open, built-in controls, 2 hours of playing time on a single charge, built-in speaker with volume control and 32GB flash capacity.

The Playbook offers a gorgeous digital display housed in an attractive album exterior that is thick and velvety-soft to the touch. Your PlayBook arrives in bag with the partitioned compartment to store the included USB cord for charging and transferring files to your computer. The clarity and sharpness of the 7″ screen and 1024×600 resolution will exceed your expectations: It is comparable to viewing photos on a smartphone but better because the screen is so much larger!