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Alex Chicago Wedding Photographer Assistant for Jason Kaczorowsk

Associate Photographer

Alex celebrates his 5th year photographing for Jason Kaczorowski Photography in 2020. He began photographing as an Assistant Second Photographer and earned his place on the team as a full-time Lead Photographer in 2017. Alex has captured over 150 weddings with Jason during the past 5 years in addition to consistently being trusted to independently photograph weddings, proposals, and other special events for Jason Kaczorowski Photography.

Alex is half ninja and half cat. He possesses the reflexes of a cat and the mental focus of a ninja. Though it’s true that Alex can be seen most of the time dressed in all black, much like a ninja, fortunately he does not randomly push things off of counters and he won’t chew your charging cables like my cat.

Alex has the ability to document an entire event without ever seeming intrusive yet is always personable and hands-on throughout the day.

Alex’s is a master of capturing candid, natural light moments and using off-camera lighting to shape our signature style of saturated, dynamic portraiture that oozes with emotion. 

When Alex is not photographing weddings, he is making our couples laugh while assisting with lighting during their engagement session. 

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