Summer Wedding in Chicago at The Rookery

Armon met Wendy when he was invited by a new co-worker to go out and meet her college friends. The couple immediately hit it off and four year later they celebrated their love by getting married at Chicago’s landmark Rookery Building.

The Rookery Building, which was built in 1888, was crafted by famed architects Daniel Burnham,  John Root and Frank Lloyd Wright. The masterpiece is credited as being the world’s first skyscraper and remains one of the most elegant architectural landmarks in Chicago.

The Importance of Family & Friends

Family and friends are incredible important to the couple. Wendy most looked forward to being pronounced husband and wife then celebrate with all of the couple’s close friends and family. Wendy also knew Armon was the one the day he met her family. Wendy even confesses that it was her father that touched her the most that day. “He was so happy and so proud,… completely full of emotion and love” said Wendy.

To See or Not To See

Unlike many couples these days Wendy and Armon decided to keep their ceremony traditional and see one another coming down the aisle. Wendy admits, “I was nervous about the ceremony, but as soon as I saw Armon I was calm and beyond happy.”

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

“As cliche as it might sound, don’t let the little things bother you. Especially, the day of. Constantly remind yourself it’s your wedding day, and to not worry any further, the day is here and enjoy every moment.”



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Congratulate the happy couple!

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