Love is not cancelled

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading across the entire planet, it is easy to look around these days and see we are sheltering in place at home in safety, socially distancing ourselves during mandatory grocery shopping missions and large events are being cancelled for the foreseeable future. For couples awaiting their wedding date during this unprecedented global crisis, there is certainly confusion, uncertainty, doubt and depression. Weeks ago everything mattered – which wedding hashtag to pick, the perfect signature cocktail, where to spend your honeymoon unwinding after months of planning madness – and now all that matters is having each other.

In an official statement from its website, the CDC states, “Officials may ask you to modify, postpone, or cancel large events for the safety and well-being of your event staff, participants, and the community. The details of your emergency operations plan should be based on the size and duration of your events, demographics of the participants, complexity of your event operations, and type of on-site services and activities your event may offer.”

BREAKING NEWS: Love is not cancelled

Love has not been cancelled. Community has not been cancelled. Kindness has not been cancelled.

We are in this together!

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Congratulate the happy couple!

Leave a comment to the couple so they may remember your well-wishes through the years as they stop back to revisit their wedding day photos.

  1. Congratulations Steve & Teri! I was so happy to be able to surprise you with music and a sign. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Teri and Steve-Although I don’t know you, I couldn’t have been happier to partake in your happiness on your wedding day. May you have a beautiful life together – as beautiful as both of you.
    Love always wins. Your new friend, Linda Phillips

  3. Congratulations to Steve and Teri! So happy for both of you. Enjoy your life’s journey together!

  4. Congratulations Teri and Steve! It was an honor to join you at a distance to celebrate your love! Wishing you many years of love and happiness!

  5. Congratulations Aunt Teri and Steve! What a beautifully written article to go along with such beautiful photos of such a special day! So wonderful to see all the people outside showing their love with signs. Enjoy your love and happiness together forever. Love you!

  6. Congratulations Teri and Steve. Wishing you every happiness and may you share many wonderful, loving years together. Hugs to you both!

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