Spring Wedding at The Woman’s Club of Evanston

Maura had seen photos of a wedding at The Woman’s Club of Evanston a few years ago and it always stayed in her mind. “It was the only venue we saw and both loved it and didn’t look anywhere else,” says Maura. The historic house located on Chicago Avenue in Evanston has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been headquarters of the Woman’s Club of Evanston since the building was originally completed in 1913. Today, their mission statement is “Connecting women behind a shared purpose of volunteerism, social empowerment and community support”.

The classic architecture of the Club includes a black and white marble entrance hall and double staircase leading to the dramatic second floor Grand Ballroom which exudes warmth and timeless elegance. The first floor offers an intimate Tea Room with sparkling chandeliers which flows into a Music Room and Sun Room where Maura & Andy shared their First Look. Maura says she “was most looking forward to seeing Andy for our first look because I knew once I saw him, my nerves would go away and I could enjoy the rest of the day with him.” Andy admits he was most looking forward to marrying the love of his life surrounded by all of the most important people to both himself and Maura.

Let go of the small stuff

The couple met on eHarmony and later admitted that “neither of us had high hopes based on where we both lived.” Fortunately, as a dear friend of Andy’s mom, Shelia, told the couple on their wedding day, “No matter what happens, at the end of the day, if you are married, that is all that matters”. Maura says they took that to heart. “It made us focus on what is truly important and to let go of the small stuff” … like one being from the City and the other being from the Suburbs.

Hey, look around… Look at everyone that’s here for us

During one of the couple’s slow dances, Andy leaned into Maura and said “Hey, look around… Look at everyone that’s here for us.” Maura says she will never forget the feeling of pure joy and happiness seeing everyone they care about together celebrating their marriage.

According to Maura – aside from the unseasonably warm weather with temps topping 96° that afternoon in Chicago – the one thing that was truly incredible was the amount of love they both felt that day from all of their family and friends. Maura’s cousin Sammy and one of the couple’s groomsmen, Alex, both went out of their way to make sure they didn’t have anything to worry about, down to even making sure their champagne glasses were never empty! Alex, in fact, knows the couple’s love of champagne and bought them a special bottle of Bollinger as their wedding gift to enjoy throughout the reception.

L’amour est l’armure

Maura was fortunate to have a coworker at the time, Chris Okenka, design their Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. “We lucked out finding a photographer (Sasha Lannier) who would be able to take our engagement photos on a trip to Paris we already had planned. We met her at the Pont de Bir-Hakeim near the Eiffel Tower at 6am on Bastille Day. As it was a national holiday and no one had work, there was no one around, and we felt like we had the city to ourselves”.

The couple’s stunning sunrise Engagement Photo from Paris is featured on their fantastic Save-The-Dates which are showcased as the first photo in the gallery below of the incredible highlights captured from Maura and Andy’s wedding. If you can’t wait to enjoy all the amazing memories from the #BestWeddingInAllTheBoLAND I invite you to visit the couple’s entire gallery by clicking FULL GALLERY in the upper navigation menu.

I would also like to share what a privilege it was capturing Andy and Maura’s wedding. Despite the heat outside, the couple’s emotion thermometer was favorably cool throughout the day. Family and friends couldn’t have been more cordial and kind. The newlyweds’ wedding vendors worked tirelessly to pull off a seamless vision in unison.  I’m truly blessed to have the opportunity to photograph such amazing clients and work with such incredible professionals. Sometimes when I struggle personally and look around to see all the chaos happening in the world, I remember couples like Maura and Andy and am reminded that love is what surrounds and protects us. Love from our family and friends. Love from folks who selflessly help strangers and are always looking out for others. Love lent in laughter and smiles.

L’amour est l’armure = Love is the Armour

Congratulate the happy couple!

Leave a comment to the couple so they may remember your well-wishes through the years as they stop back to revisit their wedding day photos.

  1. It was beyond an honor to be by your side for an unelievable day. Everything was perfect and I know that Maura and you will be forever happy together as our parents have taught us how to be. Even though we have been 4,426 miles apart for the past 3 and a half years, you are now and always will be my closest friend. I love you and Maura is the perfect woman to make your life long and fulfilling. Thank you for everything and as always, see you soon.

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