WlLakeShoreWedding11 WlLakeShoreWedding12 WlLakeShoreWedding13 WlLakeShoreWedding14 WlLakeShoreWedding15 WlLakeShoreWedding16 WlLakeShoreWedding17 WlLakeShoreWedding18 WlLakeShoreWedding19 WlLakeShoreWedding20 WlLakeShoreWedding21 WlLakeShoreWedding22 WlLakeShoreWedding23 WlLakeShoreWedding24 WlLakeShoreWedding25 WlLakeShoreWedding26 WlLakeShoreWedding27 WlLakeShoreWedding28 WlLakeShoreWedding29 WlLakeShoreWedding30 WlLakeShoreWedding31 WlLakeShoreWedding32 WlLakeShoreWedding33 WlLakeShoreWedding34 WlLakeShoreWedding35 WlLakeShoreWedding36 WlLakeShoreWedding37 WlLakeShoreWedding38 WlLakeShoreWedding39 WlLakeShoreWedding40 WlLakeShoreWedding41 WlLakeShoreWedding42 WlLakeShoreWedding43 WlLakeShoreWedding44 WlLakeShoreWedding45 WlLakeShoreWedding46 WlLakeShoreWedding47 WlLakeShoreWedding48 WlLakeShoreWedding49 WlLakeShoreWedding50 WlLakeShoreWedding51 WlLakeShoreWedding52 WlLakeShoreWedding53 WlLakeShoreWedding54 WlLakeShoreWedding55 WlLakeShoreWedding56 WlLakeShoreWedding57 WlLakeShoreWedding58 WlLakeShoreWedding59 WlLakeShoreWedding60 WlLakeShoreWedding61 WlLakeShoreWedding62 WlLakeShoreWedding63 WlLakeShoreWedding64

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  1. Wow! Just, WOW! Scott and CJ, there are few things in the world that inspire more joy and hope for our collective future than to see two people so in love. To be a witness to such a powerful example of this at your wedding made me almost burst with happiness! These gorgeous images reveal both your love for each other and the love your family and friends have for you and for all those who attended. You are both so blessed! May your weeks, months and years mellow and mature your love like a fine wine, and may you together be blessed a millionfold. With Love, Auntie Jo

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