Ain’t no Party like an Unterberg Party

5 years ago on Saturday, October 4, 2014, I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Trish (Unterberg) & Casey (Boguslaw). 5 years later, almost to the date, I had the honor of photographing Trish’s sister, Betsy, and her husband Trevor’s wedding.  The two weddings share many similarities beyond just being closely linked by date. The church, St Isaac Jogues in Hinsdale, hosted both couples ceremonies, the Hilton Chicago Oak Brook Hills Resort hosted both newlywed receptions, Alison Grossman (Alison Sousa back then) of Designed & Detailed Event Management orchestrated the event planning, Vanessa Rose Make Up created the perfect look, Oak Mill Bakery provided both cakes, and the High Society Orchestra rocked the house all night at both bashes. Beyond being such an honor to be trusted to continue photographing the Unterberg family,  I couldn’t have been more genuinely excited to be sharing the day with Betsy, Trevor, their families and friends.

Betsy and Trevor met through a mutual friend their senior year in college at the University of Illinois. After spending a beautiful Fall day going to some of their favorite spots in Chicago (Lincoln Park Zoo, the J. Parker, Shake Shack), Trevor asked Betsy to marry him on the balcony of the couple’s candle lit, rose-petal-decorated apartment that overlooks the Chicago skyline. Afterwards, the two celebrated with an amazing dinner at North Pond in Lincoln Park.

All about relationships

The exciting wedding weekend coverage began Friday, October 27th when I captured the couple’s rehearsal dinner at Grill 89 in Westmont.

I love the opportunity to photograph rehearsal dinners because it gives me a deeper understanding of the relationships between the newlyweds and their closest friends and family members. Weddings are all about those relationships. I say it best in my bio of this website, “My photography is focused on moments within relationships. When friendships and families come together, there’s nothing more powerful I could ever show you than photos of those you love and those who love you the most.”  These friendships are what Betsy says comprised her list of MVPs at her wedding.

“Our entire wedding party stepped up at every opportunity and made our day so special! Trevor’s groomsman Jake changed out of his tux pants to give them to Trevor after he split his dancing, my cousin/bridesmaid Nora took on the duty of fixing my dress to make sure it always looked perfect, Trevor’s groomsman J.J. flew in on a red eye from Seattle on 1 hour of sleep in a 48 hour span to make it to the wedding, my bridesmaid Lisa and Maid of Honor and sister, Trish, helped carry my dress and veil during photos when the wedding party was free to leave!”

– Betsy

We were both looking forward to the band!

Betsy exclaims, “Dancing was absolutely the best thing at our wedding – I don’t think I left the dance floor for more than 10 minutes from the start of dancing until everything ended! We were both looking forward to the band! We love to dance at weddings and knew the band would make the reception so much fun. Our family and friends all seemed to be having a blast and those are definitely some of our favorite memories.”

And dance they did – til 1am – some even with Caution Wet Floor signs on their heads!

Any advice for couple planning their weddings?

“Our advice to couples wedding planning would be to make sure to stop and spend time taking in all of the details on your wedding day. It truly does go by so fast and it is over before you know it!”


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Congratulate the happy couple!

Leave a comment to the couple so they may remember your well-wishes through the years as they stop back to revisit their wedding day photos.

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